Getting Used To Dentures In An Attempt To Minimize Uncomfortable Situations

If your dentist recently informed you that you are a candidate for dentures, you will most likely be excited at the prospect of smiling wide to show off your improved appearance after they are in place. Before you get to this point however, there is a learning period in how to care for your new teeth effectively. This often comes along with some embarrassment if you are unsure about how to proceed should your dentures slip out of place. Here are some tips you can use during your first denture-wearing days to help in keeping your secret under wraps.

Take Your Time When Inserting

It will take a bit of practice to place your dentures in your mouth properly. Your dentist will give you a quick rundown on the procedure used. Make sure to read all information provided on the adhesive powder or cream you select for adhering your teeth into place. Place the substance in the reservoir and push firmly into place over your gums. If the dentures do not feel secure, peel them off your gums, rinse them well, and start over again. If you place adhesive on your dentures and slap them into place quickly, there is a chance they will not stay in place all day long. Test your work by pretending to bite into a piece of food several times after your dentures are placed.

Practice Talking And Eating

Before you head out into the public with your dentures, it is a good idea to practice speaking and biting into foods in the comfort of your own home. For speaking, do so in front of a mirror so you can observe how your mouth appears as you talk. If you notice your dentures are not completely straight, remove them and replace them to see if this process makes your new teeth seem more realistic.

For eating, test the amount of force you need to use to bite into different foods. This is a learning process to help you determine if a food is too tough for you to handle effectively out in public. You will quickly learn which foods cause you trouble and which you will need to take smaller bites into in an effort to keep your dentures in place.

Keep Supplies On Hand

In the first days of your denture usage, it is a good idea to keep supplies on hand in case you feel they are not going to stay in place. Keeping adhesive in your vehicle, briefcase, or purse can come in handy to fix a slippage problem fast. You can simply excuse yourself from a public situation and head to a bathroom to add adhesive to your dentures to secure them to your gums.

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