3 Potential Dental Procedures For Root Furcation

Each tooth in your mouth has, at least, one root that provides an anchor and a tunnel through which important pulp material travels into the root canal of your teeth. Oral infections due to poor oral hygiene or systemic illness can compromise the health and the supporting structures of the tooth roots. Bone loss under and around the roots can lead to furcation, or a widening divide that grows between the segments of tooth root.

2 Ways To Help Protect Your Baby's Teeth

If your child's first tooth has erupted, it is already time to take steps to protect his or her dental health. Usually, the first two teeth peak through the gums in the center of the lower palate. Once they present, they become exposed to all the food and drink that enter your little one's mouth. Here are two ways to help protect your baby's teeth: Take away the bottle as soon as possible.

New Dental Crown? 3 Recovery Symptoms That Require Another Dental Appointment

Dental crown procedures have a very short recovery period. In fact, most people can resume normal activities after the numbness wears off. However, tooth sensitivity is not uncommon, so you should expect to be very gentle with your tooth for a few days after the procedure. Symptoms that linger during the recovery period are often signs that an adjustment needs to be made. You should make a follow up appointment with your dentist if you have any of the following symptoms during your recovery period or any time after getting a dental crown.

How To Remove Foodstuffs That Are REALLY Stuck In Your Braces

Braces, especially metal ones, have a tendency to collect foodstuffs quite frequently. Unfortunately, some of those foodstuffs are either extremely sticky or just really difficult to remove. Here are some ways you can remove the most difficult foods from your metal braces without damaging the braces. Orthodontic Toothpicks If your orthodontist has not introduced you to orthodontic toothpicks, you can find them yourself in most oral hygiene aisles in drug store chains.

What To Expect At Your Two Bridge-Related Dental Appointments

If you're missing a tooth and your dentist has recommended replacing it with a bridge, you likely have two appointments scheduled for insertion of that bridge. The idea of having a new apparatus put into your mouth can be intimidating, and knowing what to expect at each of those appointments can go a long way towards calming your nerves. At The First Appointment During the first appointment, your dentist will be focused on preparing your mouth for the bridge and on determining what size and shape the bridge needs to be.