Undergoing The Tooth Implant Process To Restore Your Oral Health

A broken or missing tooth can compromise your oral health. You may find it more challenging to eat and speak normally. You also may feel less confident in the way that you look. You can restore your mouth's appearance and health by getting a professionally designed tooth implant. Mouth Molds Before you can get dental implants, you first must have molds of your mouth made. Your dentist might make these molds in his or her office.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

You wouldn't think that you need to care for your teeth differently just because you're pregnant, but a lot of things change while you are pregnant. Your entire body goes through a transformation and your teeth are no different. Your baby takes away a lot of the nutrients from your body to grow, and this can affect your teeth. You may experience things such as tooth sensitivity, cavities, or caries, or you may also notice experience issues such as an inability to brush your teeth.

4 Benefits Of Invisalign Trays

If you want to undergo orthodontic treatment to fix crooked teeth, you may be looking into Invisalign. Invisalign trays are made of a clear, flexible thermoplastic. As your teeth gradually shift into new positions, your dentist will provide new trays for you to wear. While there are pros and cons to every orthodontic appliance, here are four benefits of Invisalign trays. 1. It's Easier to Clean Your Teeth It can be hard to adequately brush around bands, metal brackets, and wires.

Good Oral Care Habits For Teens With Braces

If your teenage child is preparing to get braces soon, it is absolutely vital for him or her to practice good oral care habits while wearing these devices. As a parent, you may need to instruct and encourage your child to do these things to protect his or her teeth, and here are some of the best tips for someone to use while wearing braces: Understand the risks The first thing to understand is the risks you have when wearing braces.

White Marks And Orthodontic Treatments

There are various myths floating around about the issue of braces and white marks. The following overview of the issue should help you understand this apparent complication of orthodontic treatment from a family dentist. The Causes There are various causes of white spots on teeth; they include everything from bacteria attack to genetics. However, the white spots associated with orthodontic treatment are triggered by bacteria attacks. What happens is that oral bacteria feed on the organic matter on your teeth and produce acids.