Children and the Dentist: They Can Be Friends

Vacation End When Your Temporary Crown Fell Out? 3 Steps To Take Until You Can Get To The Dentist

Temporary crowns are designed to act as a protective cover over teeth until a permanent crown can be installed. Temporary crowns are used during treatment for tooth decay or damage – such as breaks and chips. In most cases, those temporary crowns will remain securely attached to the tooth until the dentist can complete the […]

FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are the lower gums in your mouth always swollen and in pain? If the problematic area is located in the back of your mouth, the problem might stem from the growth of wisdom teeth. Being that there is no need for wisdom teeth, getting them extracted might be the best solution to your problem. This […]

3 Ways That Eating Disorders Cause Dental Damage

Eating disorders are serious health problems that are often taken too lightly. The truth is that eating disorders damage almost every part of the body, and they can be fatal if they are left untreated. In fact, for women between the ages of 15 and 24 who have anorexia nervosa, the eating disorder carries a […]

2 Cleansing Rinses To Help Protect Your Child’s Hypomineralization Teeth From Tooth Decay

Teeth rely on vitamins along with a series of other minerals in order to grow in healthy and strong. When there is a shortage in minerals in your enamel, then this often results in hypomineralized teeth. Children that suffer from hypomineralized teeth are left more vulnerable to tooth caries because their enamel is not strong […]

2 Natural Topical Treatments To Help Alleviate Sensitive Gums During Pregnancy

While pregnancy can be an exciting process for many women, it can become overwhelming because of all the changes that your body is experiencing. The hormonal changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy can have a great effect on your oral health. During pregnancy, you may notice that your gums feel tender and sensitive to the touch. […]

Your Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a serious health hazard, in addition to being incredibly uncomfortable. They can cause difficulty with eating, speaking, breathing, and general comfort when resting. It is therefore a good idea to seek out a solution as soon as possible. However, there are actually several ways that you can replace your teeth, so […]

Addressing Two Invisalign Questions You Might Have

Deciding to have your teeth straightened is an important cosmetic decision for you to make. In the past, this option would have almost always entailed you wearing noticeable metal braces, but the creation of Invisalign makes it possible for patients to straighten their teeth in a discreet manner. However, those that are unfamiliar with this […]