How to Care for Your Oral Health While Pregnant

Pregnancy, although a happy time for most, can bring about tons of stress and headache. If you're pregnant or planning to be pregnant soon, or  know someone who is, you might want to consider a few tips regarding pregnancy and its effects on your oral health. Because while picking out the cutest little baby clothes and attending parenting seminars are all important aspects of pregnancy, remember that your oral health is just as essential.

When you're pregnant, you feel so many changes beginning to emerge within your body. You crave certain things within every passing minute. You feel like your hair, your skin, and your overall physical appearance are all different. As a matter of fact, everything you do and encounter just feels so alien to you. A few of these changing things may not actually be changing in reality, but there is one important part of your body that truly has changed--your mouth.

Higher Risks of Gum Disease

Along with pregnancy is an increase in your hormonal activity. This heightening of your hormones eventually causes higher risks of gum disease as well as gum sensitivity. Don't panic! Pregnancy alone doesn't lead to gum disease. It's still plaque and bacteria that will cause gum disease. Just be sure to maintain, if not improve, your great oral hygiene and you'll be fine.

Dental Experiences Related To Pregnancy

Starting from around your second month of pregnancy all throughout your eight month, one or more of these phenomena may start occurring to you.

- Bleeding gums

- Granulomas

- Increasing cavities

If you say yes to at least one of those, consider these tips:

  • Brush and floss more regularly to keep your mouth even cleaner.
  • Maintain your regular dental appointments and let your dentist know you're pregnant. He or she may have some specific instructions for you.
  • Back off the sweets for a while.
  • Remember as well to not brush immediately after you vomit. Stomach acid tends to make teeth softer and brushing will be harmful to them. Gargle first then wait a few minutes before brushing.

Ideal Dental Schedules during Pregnancy

Often, the ideal time for a dental appointment when you're pregnant is during your second trimester. This is the period where your pregnancy is most likely stable. Most women develop a certain anxiety towards dental checkups while they're pregnant. Dental professionals, however, will assure you that this anxiety is rather uncalled for. Just ensure that your dentist know there's a tiny living being inside your tummy. To learn more, visit Dr. James A. Dempsey