Dealing With A Problamatic Crown Or Bridge? Permanent Dental Implants May Be The Answer

If have been having problems with a particular crown or bridge, and its needed continuous work over the last few years, it may be time to consider an implant. If you don't like the way your current tooth solution looks or feels, you want to talk with an oral surgeon.

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth that will be used to replace the tooth with a crown or bridge, and it will act as a natural tooth. It will feel like the tooth you had before the work was needed, and the tooth is fused into the bone to stay in place permanently. Here are a few reasons to consider an implant.


You don't have to worry about the implant coming loose or coming off, like you may with a bridge or a crown. There aren't going to be foods that you have to avoid so you don't damage your dental work, and the implant is going to cut through food like your other teeth. The implant should last for a lifetime if it's maintained properly.

Hygienic Benefits

The implant is going to provide many hygienic benefits, compared to the other options. The implant isn't going to get cavities, you can floss around it, and it's going to protect the gum tissue. A bridge can wear on the other teeth and the gum tissue, and items can get under the bridge. A crown can get loose, and debris can get inside and damage the root of the tooth or the gums. An implant is the healthiest option, besides healthy natural teeth.

Natural Appearance

The permanent dental implant is white to match your other teeth, and there is no visible metal. This is going to look natural when you smile. The crown may be made of metal, and the bridge will have metal around the gum line. You don't see the hardware used to fuse the implant into the mouth.

If you are sick of getting work done on a tooth that is damaged or has a crown or bridge, it's time to find a permanent resolution to the problem. Dental implants aren't just going to improve your oral health, but they are also a great investment for your mouth. You won't have to pay for future dental work for that tooth if you replace it with an implant, and you can feel confident when you smile or chew.