How To Feel More Confident About Your Smile

Some people love to take pictures of themselves. They love to show the world their lives and themselves. Other people are the first person to volunteer to take the picture in order to avoid ever being caught in a camera's flash. One reason why people don't take a lot of pictures of themselves is because they are not confident in their smile. Their teeth might be crooked or not be the color that they would prefer. Here are some ways that you can become more confident about your smile.

1. Practice

The first step is to practice smiling in the mirror. This can seem crazy, but you want to be able to develop your muscle memory so that you can go into every picture knowing that you will be able to work the muscles in your face into a shape that is pleasing, even if your teeth aren't perfectly white or straight.

To practice smiling, first look in a mirror and run through a number of different faces that you think are attractive. Take a picture of each face that you make with a digital camera or with a phone so that you can review them immediately afterwards. Go through each of the pictures and delete all but your favorite two or three. Then, try to reproduce each of your favorite pictures in the mirror several times in a row. 

Step away from the mirror and try to make the first of the faces that you chose. Without looking at your face, take a picture. Check it to make sure that you are making the face correctly. Keep practicing until you know that you are able to make the face without looking. This way, you will feel relaxed when taking a picture and be more likely to take one that you are pleased with.

2. Use Whitening Strips

Next, you want to use whitening strips to make the shade of your teeth the color that you want. Even if you are only able to alter your teeth a little bit, you can feel more confident knowing that your teeth are closer to being the same shade as the shade that you prefer. 

3. Talk to Your Dentist

Finally, talk to your dentist to see if anything can be done regarding your teeth. He or she may be able to prescribe you stronger whitening strips, laser whitening procedures, or even teeth reconstruction procedures such as dental implants for missing teeth.

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