Addressing Two Invisalign Questions You Might Have

Deciding to have your teeth straightened is an important cosmetic decision for you to make. In the past, this option would have almost always entailed you wearing noticeable metal braces, but the creation of Invisalign makes it possible for patients to straighten their teeth in a discreet manner. However, those that are unfamiliar with this type of orthodontic treatment might benefit from learning the answers to the following questions.

Will Other People Notice When You Are Wearing The Invisalign Retainers?

One of the great advantages of Invisalign is that it can be extremely discreet due to the fact that the retainers are usually made of clear materials. While this can dramatically reduce the visibility of your orthodontics, they will still be noticeable to those that are close to you when you speak or smile. However, this does not mean that you will have to avoid this procedure for your career. If you need to regularly make presentations to large groups or meet with clients on an individual basis, it is possible to remove the Invisalign retainers until you have completed your task. While this can be an excellent option, you should always make sure to put the retainer back in your mouth as soon as possible, because leaving it out for too long can compromise your treatment.

Is It Safe To Use Teeth Whitening Products With Invisalign?

In addition to having straight teeth, it is also important for your teeth to be white, but there are many substances that can result in stains. However, if you are considering whitening your teeth while using Invisalign, you may want to reconsider. The strong chemicals used in these substances can cause serious damage to the retainers, and it can be easy for small amounts to be left behind on your teeth. Due to this fact, you should attempt to undergo whitening either before or after you have completed the Invisalign treatment. While this might be somewhat inconvenient, it can prevent you from inadvertently damaging these retainers, which may be expensive to replace.

Opting to use Invisalign to straighten your teeth can be a great solution for patients that need a discreet and effective solution for improving their smile. However, patients should have thorough understandings about this option for they make their decision. By understanding that you should have your teeth whitened either before or after starting these treatments and that the retainers are removable, you will be better able to know whether this is a suitable solution for your orthodontic needs.