2 Cleansing Rinses To Help Protect Your Child's Hypomineralization Teeth From Tooth Decay

Teeth rely on vitamins along with a series of other minerals in order to grow in healthy and strong. When there is a shortage in minerals in your enamel, then this often results in hypomineralized teeth. Children that suffer from hypomineralized teeth are left more vulnerable to tooth caries because their enamel is not strong enough to ward off bacteria on its own. Creating a strong dental care routine for your child will help to aid their teeth in fighting off tooth caries. Fortunately, there are a few cleansing rinses that you can add to their oral care routine to ensure that this happens.

Olive Leaf Rinse

Olive leaf is used as a go-to herb to treat sicknesses and infection. The herb is commonly used in extract form as an ingredient in cough and flu medicines. The healing qualities that olive leaf provides come from its antibacterial properties. These properties not only fight off bad bacteria, but they help to heal damaged areas. When used for hypomineralized teeth, olive leaf is used to fight bacterial infections that cause gum disease and abscesses.  Olive leaf rinse can be created by placing four drops of the extract into a small pot  water. Add a few slices of lemon and allow the pot to simmer for a few minutes. Remove the pot from the stove and allow the mixture to sit for an hour. After an hour, use the rinse to clean your child's mouth and allow their teeth to soak in the rinse for several minutes before removing it.

Boldo Rinse

Boldo is considered to be a natural cleanser because it works to expel dangerous toxins from the body. The herb can be converted into an antibacterial rinse that targets infections and bacteria. Boldo is most commonly found in its dry form. Start by placing a few spoonfuls of boldo into a small bowl. Pour hot water over herb and allow it sit for at least an hour. The longer that the herb can soak, then the stronger the rinse will be when it is ready to use. Instruct your child to work the rinse throughout their teeth and gum line. Direct them to hold the rinse around your gum line for several minutes to ensure that their teeth soak in the mixture. Use the boldo mixture in the morning and evening in order to get the best results.

Fighting off tooth decay caused by hypomineralization can be a challenge. Therefore, use these cleansing rinses to help keep tooth caries away from your child's teeth. For more information, contact a dentist in your area.