Vacation End When Your Temporary Crown Fell Out? 3 Steps To Take Until You Can Get To The Dentist

Temporary crowns are designed to act as a protective cover over teeth until a permanent crown can be installed. Temporary crowns are used during treatment for tooth decay or damage – such as breaks and chips. In most cases, those temporary crowns will remain securely attached to the tooth until the dentist can complete the work.

Unfortunately, sometimes the crowns can work loose and fall out before they're supposed to. When that happens, the dentist will need to replace them as soon as possible. If your temporary crown has fallen out while you're on vacation, and you can't get to your dentist right away, you'll need to act fast. Here are some steps you should take until you can get to the dentist for emergency treatment.

Examine the Crown

If your temporary crown has fallen out, you'll need to determine if your tooth came out with it. If it did, your mouth might be bleeding. If it is, roll up a couple of pieces of medical gauze and bite down on it for several minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, rinse your mouth with salt water to remove any debris that might have been left behind. If your tooth did not come out, or the metal post is still securely attached to your jaw, you might be able to reattach the crown until you can get to your dentist.

Clean the Tooth and the Crown

If your tooth didn't fall out, you can attempt to reattach the crown. Before you can do that, however, you'll need to give the tooth and the crown a thorough cleaning with your toothbrush. Once they're both clean, you can try to reattach them.

Do a Temporary Reattachment

If you're going to try and reattach the temporary crown, you'll need some dental glue, which you can purchase at most pharmacies. Dry the surface of the tooth and the crown thoroughly before you apply the adhesive. Place a small amount of dental adhesive in the inside of the crown. Now, carefully place the crown over the tooth and press down firmly. Apply firm pressure for several minutes. The crown should hold in place until you can get to the dentist for emergency care.

If your temporary crown has fallen out while you're on vacation, you might not be near your dentist. Use the instructions provided here to keep your crown. Be sure seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.