2 Tips To Help Your Child Keep Their Teeth Bacteria Free While Wearing An Upper Jaw Expansion Device

An upper jaw expansion treatment involves outfitting your child with an orthodontic device in order to correct their bite issues. This can be done with the help of surgery or orthodontic devices. If your child needs to wear an orthodontic device, then it is important to practice good oral care while wearing the device. This will help to prevent bacteria buildup around their device. Bacteria that is allowed to grow can turn into a serious dental infection. Luckily, there are a few tips that your child can use to help keep their mouth bacteria free during their upper jaw expansion treatment.

Instruct them to Brush their Dental Device After Meals

The longer that your child keeps their upper jaw expansion device in the faster that the device will work to correct their bite. There is a high chance that the only time your child will be able to remove their orthodontic device is while eating. If your child's device is fixed, then they will be unable to remove it without the help of a dentist. Both fixed and removable upper expansion jaw devices need to be cleaned after you are done eating. Fixed devices can collect a lot of food debris and other contaminants that are hard to see and reach. On the other hand, reinserting a removable device into your child's mouth without cleaning it will transfer bacteria. The simplest way is to cleanse the device with a simple toothbrush and toothpaste.

Give Your Child an Antibacterial Rinse Before Bed

It is important that your child goes to bed with as little bacteria development in their mouth as possible. If your child fails to cleanse their mouth before bed, then this can lead to bacteria spreading from one area of their mouth to another while they sleep. They may begin experiencing cavities and infections in the future. An easy homemade antibacterial rinse can be used to cleanse your child's mouth before bed. Add dried nutmeg to a small cup of hot water along with a few drops of lime juice. Wait for the herb to soak for a few minutes, then instruct your child to move the rinse around their mouth. Encourage them to focus on their orthodontic device to ensure it is clean.

Wearing an upper jaw expansion device will change your child's smile for the better. However, it is important that they maintain a healthy mouth and device. Use these tips to help them do so.