Protecting The Health Of Your Child's Gums

You may be eager to encourage good dental heath in your child. However, your focus may only be on their teeth. Gums are also worth caring about, especially if your child is still losing teeth and growing new ones. Gum disease can be difficult to deal with, so care of these precious tissues is vital. To promote excellent gum health, consider the following.

Know Your Family History

Gum problems, like many other personal health issues, could be hereditary in nature. If you, your spouse, or your family members have a periodontal (gum) problem, being aware of this makes you more alert and likely to be vigilant about the care your child's gums receive.

Know Problem Signs

If you have issues yourself, you may already recognize gum problems. However, if you don't have any gum problems yourself, it makes sense that you may not even know what a gum problem looks like. Signs are not the same for every person with gum disease, but common signals are:

  • Easily bleeding gums
  • Excessively loose teeth
  • Dark red color
  • Soreness

Because your child may be naturally losing teeth anyway, you may think that's the cause for some of the symptoms described. That's why frequent dental visits aren't only important but essential. The dentist will differentiate between normal tooth loss and gum disease. In addition to regular health inspections, your dentist should know about the kinds of actions you're taking to help their gums and may end up suggesting healthy mouthwashes or treatments that your gums can benefit from.

Boost Vitamin Intake

A healthy diet is the goal of every good parent, and your child's gums need the nutrition and health that vitamins can support and provide. Vitamin C, perhaps the best known vitamin, is great for your child's gums. Serve them broccoli, citrus fruits, strawberries, potatoes and other C-packed foods. In addition, avocados are reputed to have high levels of oleic acid, which reduces inflammation and has vitamin C and many other nutrients that are fantastic for gum health.

Be Careful with Home Remedies

You, your parents, or well-meaning relatives may have a number of home remedies to address sore gums or teeth issues. Be careful with those remedies, however; some of them can inflame gums or make them feel even worse. Ask your child's dentist before you use anything on your child's gums.

Your child's gums are preserved when you take an interest in them and utilize these gum-related pointers. Help your child continue with good gum maintenance and speak with their dentist or a periodontist for more details.