3 Tips For Preventing A Dry Socket The First Couple Of Days After Your Tooth Extraction

If you have just had a tooth extracted, you may be wondering how you can keep from developing a dry socket. If so, use the following tips to prevent a dry socket during the first couple of days after your tooth extraction.

Eat Cool or Lukewarm Foods

Depending on your dentist's instructions, your diet will most likely be restricted to liquid the first day after the extracted, then slowly advanced to soft foods. Whichever type of food you are able to consume, make sure you allow it to cool down to at least a lukewarm temperature.

If you try to eat hot foods, the increased temperature will soften the blood clot inside your vacate socket that is protecting the nerves and tissues. If the clot softens too much, it will become partially or completely dislodged, allowing air and bacteria to enter the dry space.

Refrain from Using Tobacco Products

If you smoke or chew tobacco, refrain from using any tobacco products while your socket is healing. With smoking or chewing, the sucking action will create a negative pressure within your mouth, potentially pulling the clot out of place. 

Along with the sucking action, the tar and chemicals in tobacco could adversely affect the blood clot and slow the healing of the socket's tissue. Not only could the chemicals soften and dislodge the clot, but they also produce a sticky layer inside the socket.

The sticky layer of tar, nicotine, and toxic chemicals could then irritate the exposed area, increasing the pain from your dry socket. And, since tobacco slows the healing process, you may have to suffer for a few extra days.

Sip Your Drinks Instead of Using a Straw

The same sucking action that you use while using tobacco products also comes into play when you drink liquids through a straw. While you may find it easier to use a straw than to drink from a glass while your mouth is healing, doing so could cause a dry socket.

If you find it difficult to drink fluids without a straw, try taking small sips instead. While taking the sips, direct the liquid to the side of your mouth away from the extraction site.

Using the above tips can help you keep your clot in place and intact after your dental extractions so that you can avoid a painful dry socket. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with the dentist who performed your dental extraction for further personalized guidance and care.