Using Dental Crowns For Missing Or Damaged Teeth

If you have a tooth that's damaged or missing, chances are that you'll need a dental crown in some capacity to fix it. Here are some situations that require the use of a dental crown.

Replace a Missing Tooth With a Dental Bridge

While partial dentures of an implant can be used to replace a missing tooth, another option is to use a dental bridge. This method actually uses two crowns that are attached to the surrounding teeth that are still healthy, which are used to attach a fake tooth between them. The crowns act as the bases for the bridge that holds everything in place.

Many patients prefer to use a dental bridge because it is more stable than using a partial denture, and the procedure to install a bridge is not that invasive. There is some work involved to create the bridge, which will require two visits to your dentist to complete the procedure, but does not involve any surgical work that is required when getting a dental implant.

Place on Top of a Dental Implant

Many people know that the dental implant procedure involves surgically implanting a titanium post into your jawbone, but they do not realize that the post is one of three parts that make up a dental implant. The implant is topped with the crown, which is the fake tooth that looks and feels like a natural tooth. When getting a dental implant, a crown is necessary in order to finish the procedure.

Strengthen a Cracked or Chipped Tooth

If you've suffered some type of trauma that caused a tooth to become chipped or cracked, that tooth is going to become very weak. A crown can be placed on a damaged tooth before it becomes worse, which will help save the tooth. While you could pull the tooth and have a dental bridge installed, that part of your jawbone will lack the stimulation you need to keep the jaw healthy. Using a crown over a damaged tooth will keep the root in place, which is better for your overall oral health.

Protect a Tooth After a Root Canal

A root canal procedure involves hollowing out the center of a tooth to get to the root. When finished, the tooth will need additional protection to prevent it from breaking and save the remaining natural tooth. That is why a crown is placed over the tooth in order to give it the strength it needs.

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