3 Things To Know About Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth either due to decay or because you recently had to have one pulled, then your dentist may recommend a dental implant. But, what is a dental implant and what should you know about them? Read on to learn a little bit more. 

1. They Aren't For Everyone

In order for you to even be viewed as a good candidate for dental implants, your dentist will have to conduct some x-rays to ensure that your jaw bone is strong enough to support the implant. If for some reason, your jaw bone isn't strong enough, then your dentist may recommend another oral prosthetic like dentures. 

2. The Process Is Lengthy

Another thing that many patients aren't aware of when it comes to dental implants is that the process is fairly lengthy. But what does that mean exactly? During your initial consultation, your dentist will determine (as discussed above) whether or not you're a good candidate for dental implants. Then, if you are a good candidate, then you will come back for another appointment in which your dentist will actually implant the dental implant into your gums. After about four months of healing, and as long as your dental implants have healed properly, your dentist will place a crown over the top of your implants. The crown itself is what acts as your tooth and is what helps you actually chew your food. 

3. There Are Different Types of Implants

It used to be that there was only one type of dental implant and that's the one that has the lengthy process. However, some dentists now use a procedure called same-day implants in which the entire procedure is done in one day. In order to be deemed a good candidate for this type of procedure, however, you will have to have strong bone health from the beginning. 

As you can see there is a lot of information to learn about dental implants and dental implants aren't necessarily for everyone. In order to determine if your bones are not only healthy enough for implants but if you want dental implants as well, make sure that you conduct a lot of research on your own and that you interview your dentist about all of your other options. Luckily, dental implants are strong and most patients really enjoy having them and don't regret their decision. To learn more about dental implants, contact your dentist today and schedule a consultation.