How to Heal from Dental Implant Surgery

When you get dental implants, you get a surgery that changes your life. You get a mouth with a more beautiful, fuller smile that you can use just like your regular teeth, only better: your new dental implants are stronger, more durable, and healthier than the teeth you lost.

No matter how excited you are about getting dental implants, the surgery is still invasive. You will have your jaw bone dug into in order to make rooms for the implants, and your jaw muscles and gum tissue will be sore for quite some time following your surgery.

If you have to get a bone graft in order to receive your dental implants, you have even more recovery to look forward to. All the recovery is well worth it when you reveal a new smile you have been waiting for, but it helps to be prepared so you know in advance how to care for your mouth while you heal. Here are ways you can heal from dental implant surgery.

Take meds as prescribed

Your dentist will likely prescribe you medication or antibiotics as part of your healing process. You may need pain medication to manage the pain and swelling from your extensive procedure, particularly if you've had your whole mouth worked on. Only take your medication as your dentist recommends, and don't take more or less of your pain meds. If you are in major pain even with medication, talk to your dentist.

Rest and apply ice

Your mouth is going to be sore and very swollen. You may even have swelling in your cheeks, neck, and under your eyes. Lying down to reduce swelling is recommended, as is using ice packs to help manage your pain. If you use ice packs, always place a rag around the ice to protect your skin from direct contact with the cold compress.

Chew soft foods

When you feel comfortable eating again, start with light foods that don't require a lot of chewing. Your jaw is going to be sore and stiff, and your gums will need to heal before you can chew fruits, vegetables, and meat again. Stick to yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, and other types of soft foods for your healing process.

If you cannot eat solid foods after several days of healing from your dental implants, talk to your dentist. If you aren't healing well, your dentist will want to give your mouth another checkup. Contact a dentist that provides dental implant services for more information.