Four Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Medical Supplies Distributor

Medical supplies distributors specialize in providing medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices with the equipment, medicines, and other essential supplies necessary for such institutions to provide medical care.

Thus, if you run a medical establishment, it is essential to find a reliable medical supplies distributor to provide you with all the medical supplies you need. However, it is ill-advised to pick the first medical supplies distributor you come across without considering a few factors that ensure they are suitable for your needs.

Thus, before settling for any medical supplies distributor, here are four factors you should consider.

Retail Distributor or Wholesale Distributor

Typically, there are two types of medical supplies distributors, namely wholesale distributors and retail distributors.

Wholesale distributors get their supplies directly from manufacturers and distribute them to hospitals, clinics, and private practices. On the other hand, retail distributors get their supplies from wholesale distributors and sell them to smaller medical practices and clinics.

Thus, if you need medical supplies in large quantities, it is advisable to use a wholesale medical supplies distributor instead of a retail distributor. The reason for this is that wholesale distributors can extend the economies of scale to you in the form of a discount when you buy large quantities. Additionally, wholesale prices are cheaper than retail prices because the prices don't include a retailer's profit margin.

However, if you are buying medical supplies in small quantities, it is best to use a retail distributor because a wholesale distributor usually deals in bulk quantities. But a retail distributor is willing to provide you with medical supplies in the small amounts you need.

Independent or Affiliated Distributors

Affiliated distributors have links to a particular medical supplies manufacturer. Thus, in most cases, they only offer supplies manufactured by the company they are affiliated with, which means you may not be able to access medical supplies from a different manufacturer. Independent medical supplies distributors do not have any affiliation with a specific manufacturer. As a result, they are free to offer medical supplies from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Medical supplies differ in quality and price based on the manufacturer. Thus, it is advisable to use an independent distributor because you will have the advantage of choosing medical supplies from different manufacturers based on quality and pricing. You won't be limited to products produced by a single manufacturer, as is the case with an affiliated medical supplies distributor.

After-Sales Services  

If you are buying medical equipment/devices from a medical supplies distributor, it is advisable to inquire about their after-sales services. After-sale services include:

  • Delivery of the supplies you buy to your establishment
  • Installation services for the medical equipment
  • Maintenance and repair services in the future
  • Technical support
  • Return policy and warranty

Ideally, you want to work with a medical supplies distributor who can provide you with a holistic service. Thus, you want to ensure that the distributor you choose offers a wide variety of after-sale services to ensure that you are fully covered after making the purchase.

Reasonable Pricing

The prices for various medical supplies can differ based on the distributor. Thus, it is advisable to research the average prices of the various medical supplies you need before looking for a medical supplies distributor.

When looking for a reliable distributor, you should approach several distributors and ask them for a price estimate for the medical supplies you want. Once you have the price quotes from different suppliers, you can compare them with the average prices you researched to find the most reasonably priced medical supplies distributor.

By doing this, you get to avoid choosing a distributor with high prices, which enables you to save money on your medical supplies purchases. 

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