Getting Teeth Cleaned By A Dentist

Brushing teeth at home is a good habit to get into, but it does not take the place of needing occasional dental checkups. For instance, brushing your teeth is important because it prevents plaque from accumulating in large amounts, but brushing alone is not thorough enough. Although a toothbrush can keep plaque under control, occasional deeper cleaning is necessary for the removal of plaque that your toothbrush may have missed. There are also other benefits included with getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist, including staying aware of any oral health concerns. After your teeth are cleaned for the first time, it is likely that another appointment will automatically be scheduled. 

Why Dental Cleaning Is Necessary

Other than preventing an accumulation of plaque, getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist is necessary because of the tools used. For example, if you unknowingly have accumulated plaque on your teeth, it might not be possible to remove the plaque unless dental tools are used.

Another reason it is important to get your teeth cleaned by a dentist is that they will notice other aspects of your oral health that needs attention. Gum disease, abscesses, cysts, and numerous other conditions can affect your oral health. Treating such conditions in a timely manner can prevent more serious problems, including tooth loss and weak jawbones.

How Dental Cleaning Is Performed

After covering your chest with a protective cloth, a dental assistant will begin the cleaning process by first taking a look inside your mouth. They will then begin to manually remove the plague from your teeth by using a metal tool. An ultrasonic device that vibrates is used because it has enough power to remove plaque that has hardened to the extent of being unable to be brushed away. Your teeth will then be polished, flossed, and treated with a fluoride product to achieve the most satisfactory results. Keep in mind that although you might feel vibrating from the dental tool, there is no pain associated with the process of your getting teeth cleaned.

The Ideal Frequency of Dental Cleaning

If you brush your teeth at home on a regular basis, getting your teeth professionally cleaned should be done at least every six months. However, if you are not in the habit of brushing your teeth on a regular basis, you might need to get professional cleanings more often. It is in your best interest to get your teeth examined by a dentist and base the frequency of your cleanings on what they suggest.

Contact your dentist to learn more about teeth cleaning appointments.